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FATA is "Federally Administered Tribal Area" of Pakistan; consisting of 7 Agencies and 6 F.Rs; with a 27000 Sq Km area and 4.5 m population.
MYTH: FATA is the HUB of militancy, terrorism and unrest in Afghanistan.
REALITY: FATA is the worst "VICTIM of Militancy”. Thousands of Civilians dead & injured; Hundreds of Schools destroyed; Thousands of homes raised to ground; 40% population displaced from homes.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Commonwealth Professional Fellowships scheme - 2011/2012 (Pakistanis can apply)

Commonwealth Professional Fellowships support mid-career professionalsfrom developing Commonwealth countries to spend periods (typically three months) with a relevant UK host organisation in their field for a programme of professional development. This can include avery limited time for attendance at short courses, as well as visits to other organisations.
2011 Professional Fellowships
The CSC is currently inviting applications for Commonwealth Professional
Fellowships in 2011. Applications should be made by the UK host organisation
which acts as the ‘nominator’, and which can be from any sector.
Nominators should be able to identify suitable candidates through existing
organisational networks or by advertising if they wish. A nominator may
wish to work with a separate UK organisation to actually host the Fellowship(s).In 2011/2012, the Scottish Government is working with the CSC to fund
Commonwealth Saltire Professional Fellowships in Climate Change. These
Fellowships are open to Scottish organisations able to identify up to six
Fellows who have the ability to influence progress towards minimising
the impact of climate change in their home country.

About the Commonwealth Professional Fellowships Scheme
Selection criteria
How to apply

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