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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Mohmand (or Moomand) Tribe of Mohmand Agency - Tribes of FATA, Pakistan

Mohmand (or Moomand) is a big Pashtun tribe of FATA, Pakistan. Though the centre of Mohmand tribe's population is at Mohmand Agency, a large number of Mohmands also live in Peshawar, Charsadda, Mardan and Afghanistan (Kunar & Nangarhar).
The Mohmand tribe, in addition to its own sub-tribes, has a number of Affiliated clans and Vassal clans. The affiliated clans are now (for the most part) considered a part of the Mohmand tribe itself. The vassal clans, however, maintain their separate tribal identity. The most important and famous vassal of Mohmands is the SAFI tribe.
The genealogy of Mohmand tribe and its affiliated and vassal clans is as under:

Section / Sub-Section / Fraction / Details
Loi Shilman
Yousaf Khel
Ibrahim Khel
v   Nahaqi or Yusaf Kor
ü       Badin Khel
v   Ghazi Beg Kor
v   Khwajokuhai Kor
v   Lakai Kor
Hamza Khel
v   Sultan Khel
v   Babi Khel
v   Baru Khel
v   Durba Khel
Busha Khel
v   Ato Khel
v   Sroh
ü       Kalal Kor
ü       Matta Kor
ü       Ghaim Kor
ü       Mandrashi
ü       Mulla Kor
ü       Salo Kor
ü       Umar Kor
ü       Yaghi Kor
Hamza Khel
v   Durba Khel
ü       Bai Kor
ü       Ghazi Kor
v   Babi Khel
ü       Babi Kor
v   Baru Khel
v   Sultan Khel
ü       Jami Kor
ü       Kambar Kor
ü       Khoidad Kor
ü       Mulla Kor
ü       Rahim Kor
ü       Shabana Kor
Kadai Kor
v   Daud Khel
ü       Mirak Kor
ü       Kadal Kor
ü       Pahlwan Kor
v   Katasar
v   Rami Khel
ü       Fatteh Kor
ü       Lalat Kor
ü       Mastai Kor
ü       Mirbaz Kor
ü       Muhammad Yar Kor
ü       Shalmai Kor
v   Yardil Kor
ü       Ghazi Kor
ü       Mehr Din Kor
ü       Nadir Kor
v   Rahmatal Kor
ü       Kasim Kor
ü       Nawab Kor
ü       Salih Kor
Wali Beg Kor
v   Amin Kor
v   Shati Khel
ü       Salor Plara
ü       Ranra Khel
Þ      Buch Khel
Þ      Faizulla Kor
Þ      Ghunda Khel
Þ      Rasul Kor
Þ      Kalal Kor
Þ      Khairullah Kor
Þ      Rahdo Kor
Þ      Yakub Kor
v   Wahab Kor
v   Rasul Kor
ü       Fazli Kor
ü       Hindki Kor
ü       Khwajawas Kor
ü       Mahbub Kor
ü       Nasir Kor
ü       Pagal Kor
ü       Shah Gul Kor
Maimana Khel
Aba Kor

Mazai Kor

Kaka Kor

Jallal Kor

Musa Kor

Shadat Kor

Sado Kor or Nazar Kor

Usmani Kor

Khadi Khel
Hasham Kor

Muhammad Khan Khel

Sargarrai Kor
v   Yakubi Khel
Sewanai Kor

Pah Khel

Dawat Khel (Dauta Khel)
Ahad Kor

Ghazi Khel

Jewan Kor

Aka Khel

Padai KOr

Sepah or Babuzai
Bara Khel
Miro Khel
Musa Khel
v   Rahmat Kor
ü       Jalil Kor
ü       Khalil Kor
ü       Zarif Kor
v   Jabar Khel
ü       Manghai Kor
v   Shahbaz Kor
ü       Hashim Kor
ü       Khadi Kor
ü       Kalandar Khel
ü       Khiali Kor
ü       Lalai Kor
ü       Mayin Kor
ü       Mazi Kor
ü       Shah Beg Kor
v   Kasim Khel
ü       Hilal Baba Kor
Usman Khel
Isas Khel
Atamar Khel
Koda Khel
Khuga Khel
Dadu Khel
Shah Mansur Khel
v   Wali Muhammad Kor
v   Wazir Kor
v   Hasan Kor
v   Durma Kor
ü       Ibrahim Kor
ü       Morcha Khel
ü       Sahab Kor
v   Hyatai Kor
ü       Aymena Kor
ü       Bakhtawar Kor
ü       Shadak Kor
ü       Shinsarai Kor
ü       Umar Kor
ü       Zafiran Kor
Dalkha Kor
v   Asaf Khel
ü       Akal Kor
ü       Haidar Kor
ü       Kambar Kor
ü       Kashi Kor
ü       Kushi Kor
ü       Makh Kor
ü       Masal Kor
ü       Masaud Kor
ü       Rahimdad Kor
ü       Rahim Kor
ü       Rawal Kor
ü       Walai Kor
v   Muradi Khel
ü       Angur Kor
ü       Nazar Kor
ü       Sarbadal Khel
ü       Shahi Kor
ü       Takhai Kor
Kasim Khel
Khani Khel
v   Hafiz Kor
v   Harif Kor
v   Jan Beg Kor
v   Salih Kor
v   Zarif Kor
Khalil Khel
v   Aka Khel
v   Aka Kor
v   Gul Ahmad Kor
v   Kado Kor
v   Saba Kor
Isa Khel
v   Sikandar Khel
ü       Bundi Kor
ü       Halal Tabar
ü       Mazid Khel
v   Mamun Kor
ü       Jangi Tabar
ü       Ghazi Khel
ü       Kesama Kor
ü       Khanamai Tabar
ü       Mozadin Tabar
ü       Walidad Kor
ü       Sub-Section
Þ      Fraction
Yousaf Khel
v   Sangar Khel
ü       Jabi Kor
ü       Jan Beg Kor
ü       Yousaf Khel
v   Rajai Khel
ü       Mullagori Kor
ü       Pardesi Kor
ü       Rekhmina Kor
ü       Shahbaz Kor
ü       Zaman Kor
v   Ibrahim Tabar
Burhan Khel
Khrappawal or Kuz Burhan Khel
v   Kadir Kor
v   Surkha Kor
v   Salim Khan Kor
v   Udhi Khel
v   Umai Kor
Hassani Khel
v   Adal Kor
Urmuz Khel
v   Abdul Khel
Muhammad Khan Kor (Bar Burhan Khel)
v   Hasan Kor
ü       Karam Kor
v   Ahmadai Kor
v   Hatai Kor
ü       Ismail Kor
ü       Mari Kor
ü       Morgai Kor
ü       Sahib Khan Kor
Affiliated Clans of Mohmand
Hassan Khel (Wudredunki)
Aipai Kor
The Dawezais  and Utmanzais were historically divided into two factions:
1)    Wudredunki i.e. settled ones. These people had permanent living areas in Mohmand limits.
2)    Kuchi i.e. on the move. These people had a nomadic life style. They shuttled back and forth between Nangarhar and Mohmand.
Note: This situation has, however, changed and the tribal territories and resting grounds are well defined. The Kuchi movements have seized.

Pesha Kor
Babazai Kor (Wudredunki)
Khoidad Kor
Asu Kor
Hajai Kor
Burhan Kor
Shato Khel
Hassan Khel (Kuchi)
Mir Saiyid Kor
Mandozai (Kuchi)

Hazarbuz (Kuchi)

Za Khel  (Kuchi)

Akbar Khel

Bahadur Khel

Gulo Khel

Chuhari Kor

Kasim Khel

Khaista Kor

Hasham Kor

Koli Khel

Mirak Khel

Haji Kor




Vassal Clans of Mohmand
Tar Khel

The Mullagoris mostly live in Tehsil Mullagori, Khyber Agency. Some also live in Afghanistan.
Par Khel

Daulat Khel

Madur Kor
Safi tribe lives in Tehsil Safi, Mohmand Agency. However, the majority of Safis live in Kunar province of Afghanistan, where they are a major tribe.
Ghilzai Kor
Aba Khel
Shamso Kor
Kamal Khel
Mirza Khel



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  1. Where are the Utmankhel tribe laving in majority in two tehsils...1)Prang Ghar...2)Anbar

  2. @Zia Utman Khel:
    This article is about Mohmand tribe... not Mohmand Agency...
    Utman Khel tribe lives in Mohmand Agency but is not part of Mohmand tribe..... We hope you understand the Difference...
    Your required article may be this:
    With Regards...

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    Yes i proud to b the grand son of haji mohammad aslam khan nd i soloute to the grave of abdull rawoof. Nd abdull rehman akhunzada

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