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FATA is "Federally Administered Tribal Area" of Pakistan; consisting of 7 Agencies and 6 F.Rs; with a 27000 Sq Km area and 4.5 m population.
MYTH: FATA is the HUB of militancy, terrorism and unrest in Afghanistan.
REALITY: FATA is the worst "VICTIM of Militancy”. Thousands of Civilians dead & injured; Hundreds of Schools destroyed; Thousands of homes raised to ground; 40% population displaced from homes.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Lt. Sajjad Shaheed Sitara-i-Basalat (Military) - Shaheed-e-Bajaur

Lt. Sajjad Khan Shaheed - S.Bt (Shaheed-e-Bajaur)
*** Lt. Sajjad Khan Shaheed, Shaheed-e-Bajaur, was a BRAVE Officer of Pakistan Army belonging to Bajaur Agency (FATA). He did his F.Sc from Cadet College Razmak North Waziristan and was inducted in Pakistan Military Academy, Kakul in 2006.
*** He was commissioned in FF Regiment of Pak Army in 2008. He remained on Sialkot Border for some time and was afterwards sent to Darra Adam Khel. He played his role effectively in ensuring peace in the militancy-hit areas. He actively took part in a number of operations in Darra, Khyber and Orakzai.
*** In December 2010, Pak Army thrust deep into militant strongholds in Orakzai Agency and established several posts to consolidate the gains. Lt. Sajjad volunteered to command one such strategic post in the Chappari Feroze Khel area on the junction of Orakzai, Khyber and Darra Adam Khel.
*** On 23 January 2010, scores of militants launched a pre-dawn attack on Lt Sajjad's post with both heavy and light weapons, in a bid to capture the post. Even though outnumbered, the brave Lt. and his Men successfully defended the post for hours, until re-inforcements arrived. In the meanwhile, Lt. Sajjad recieved multiple bullet shots (witnesses say 9 bullets). He was immediately shifted to CMH Peshawar but he succumbed to his wounds and joined the Saff (row) of Shaheeds (Martyrs).
*** Lt. Sajjad Shaheed's Janaza was offered in Khar, Bajaur Agency and was attened by the Top Military and Civil Officers among thousands of ordinary tribesmen, who didnt even know him a day earlier but they came from near and far to attend his Janaza. He was buried with full Military Honour in Khar just opposite the Civil Colony.
*** In recognition of his gallantry and the sacrifice he rendered for his homeland, Lt Sajjad Shaheed has been awarded Sitara-e- Basalat (Military).
Also, the Political administration of Bajaur Agency named a newly constructed road after him as "Lt Sajjad Shaheed Road" and the People of Bajaur gave him the title of "Shaheed-e-Bajaur".

Name: Sajjad Khan
Born: Bajaur Agency (FATA)
(Class 1 to 6) @ Bajaur Public School & College, Bajaur Agency
(Class 7 to 12) @ Cadet College Razmak, North Waziristan Agency
(Army Cadet i.e. G.C) @ Pakistan Military Academy, Kakul <2006-2008>
(Second Lt. and Lt.) @ Pakistan Army
Shahadat / Martyrdom:
23 January 2010 in Chappari Feroze Khel, Orakzai Agency.
Sitara-e-Basalat (Military
Title of "Shaheed-e-eBajaur"

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