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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Bin Laden's Assassination - "FATA Awareness Initiative" Special Series

"FATA Awareness Initiative" Team presents the media coverage of Osama Bin Laden's assassination in a special series "Bin Laden's Assassination" here with articles from media outlets around the world. Just click the Links to see the information.

How was Osama Bin Laden Assassinated?

Alqaeda founder Osama Bin Laden was assassinated late Sunday night ( 01~02 May 2011) by U.S forces in a clandestine operation on the outskirts of the Pakistani city of Abbotabad.

"Bin Laden's Assassination" media coverage Series on "FATA Awareness Initiative"?

The New Yorker, Magazine
Che Guevara and Bin Laden - The Similarity (The New Yorker)

Inter Press Service (IPS), News Agency

Osama’s Women: Who Are They, What Do They Know? (Inter Press Service, 10 May 2011)

Bin Laden's Assassination: Dismantling the Myth of an American Hero (Inter Press Service)
Associated Press
Alqaida confirms Bin Laden Death and vows revenge (Associated Press, 6 May 2011)

Daily "The News", Pakistan
Has Pakistan's Civil, Military leadership failed totally? - An Eye Opening Analysis By Ansar Abbasi (The News, 3 May 2011)

Photos show three dead men at bin Laden raid house (Reuters)

Pakistani officials say U.S. shot bin Laden in "cold blood" (Reuters)

Legal questions remain over bin Laden killing (Reuters, 5 May 2011)

Aljazeera English, Qatar
The mythos of Obama and Osama (Aljazeera English)

Was bin Laden's killing and burial legal? (Aljazeera English)

Obama rejects releasing bin Laden death photo (Aljazeera English)

Osama 'was unarmed' when shot dead by "Brave" American Forces (Aljazeera English, 4 May 2011)

Osama's death raises questions in Afghanistan (Aljazeera English, 3 May 2011)

Osama death: Pakistani's Views (Aljazeera English, 3 May 2011)

Obituary: Osama bin Laden (Aljazeera English, 2 May 2011)

Reactions: Bin Laden's death (Aljazeera English, 2 May 2011)

BBC Urdu Service, U.K
Abbotabad Operation and Bin Laden's Assassination: Pakistan's Official Reaction - ایبٹ آباد آپریشن: پاکستان کا ردعمل

Osama's Death: Live Updates - اسامہ کی ہلاکت: لائیو اپ ڈیٹس

India maligns Pakistan on Osama's death - ’بھارت کے موقف کو تقویت ملی ہے‘

Spiegel International, Germany
Was Bin Laden's Killing Legal? (Spiegel International)

America's Lost Decade: Bin Laden's Death Comes 10 Years Too Late (Spiegel International, 3 May 2011)

Al-Qaida Founder Dead: US Forces Kill Osama bin Laden (Spiegel International, 2 May 2011)

Al-Qaida Loses Its Leader, Osama Bin Laden (Spiegel International, 2 May 2011)

Guardian, U.K
Bin Laden: A Family guy with wives and Children (Guardian)

American's faulty story of Osama's Death "Revised" (Guardian, 4 May 2011)

Al-Qaida leadership battle after Osama (Guardian, 3 May 2011)

Sea burial of Osama breaks sharia law (Guardian, 3 May 2011)

Osama bin Laden's death will haunt Pakistan (Guardian, 2 May 2011)

Osama bin Laden timeline (Guardian, 2 May 2011)

Osama killed in US raid (Guardian, 2 May 2011)

Osama: took years to find him; just minutes to kill him (Guardian, 2 May 2011)

Osama bin Laden's death: What now for al-Qaida? (Guardian, 2 May 2011)

Osama bin Laden obituary (Guardian, 2 May 2011)

New York Times, U.S.A
Bin Laden Sons Say U.S. Violated International Law (New York Times, 10 May 2011)

Account Tells of One-Sided Battle in Bin Laden Raid (New York Times, 5 May 2011)
Bin Laden Was Unarmed During Raid; New U.S. Account Says (New York Times, 4 May 2011)

Bin Laden’s Dead, Al Qaeda’s Not. (New York Times, 3 May 2011)

Clues Gradually Led to the Location of Qaeda Chief (New York Times, 3 May 2011)

Osama Bin Laden Is Dead (New York Times, 2 May 2011)

Detective Work on Courier Led to Bin Laden (New York Times, 2 May 2011)

Bin Laden’s Death Likely to Deepen Suspicions of Pakistan (New York Times, 2 May 2011)

Bin Laden’s Death Doesn’t Mean the End of Al Qaeda (New York Times, 2 May 2011)

Wall Street Journal, U.S.A
U.S. Rolled Dice in bin Laden Raid (Wall Street Journal, 3 May 2011)

Pakistan's bin Laden Connection Is Probed (Wall Street Journal, 3 May 2011)

U.S. Forces Kill Osama bin Laden (Wall Street Journal, 2 May 2011)

Washington Post, U.S.A
Osama ‘hiding in plain sight’ (Washington Post, 3 May 2011)

Osama bin Laden killed: Leader of terrorist group al-Qaeda was 54 (Washington Post, 2 May 2011)

Al-Qaeda threat more diffuse but persistent (Washington Post, 2 May 2011)

The pursuit of bin Laden - By David Ignatius (Washington Post, 2 May 2011)


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  1. what type of awareness is it ?

    do we have to bow down either to obama or the media ?

    you know well, muslims dont bow down to anyone but ALLAH.

    PAKISTAN AND FATA needs encouragement, not awareness.