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FATA is "Federally Administered Tribal Area" of Pakistan; consisting of 7 Agencies and 6 F.Rs; with a 27000 Sq Km area and 4.5 m population.
MYTH: FATA is the HUB of militancy, terrorism and unrest in Afghanistan.
REALITY: FATA is the worst "VICTIM of Militancy”. Thousands of Civilians dead & injured; Hundreds of Schools destroyed; Thousands of homes raised to ground; 40% population displaced from homes.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

July 2010 - “War on Terrorism” Related Violence against Pakistan’s Citizens

In an effort to counter the "Terrorist Pakistan" rhetoric, "FATA Awareness Initiative" Team presents the actual picture of Pakistan's woes at the hands of Terrorism in a new series "Pakistan: VICTIM of Terrorism".
We present the "War on Terrorism" related violent incidents in which Pakistani STATE, SECURITY FORCES and CIVILIANS have been targeted. The following information is for the month of July 2010.
July 2010 
July 29: 12 militants were killed and 11 others injured in a clash with SFs in the Kurram Agency of FATA. 
At least 10 persons were killed and their houses set ablaze in sectarian violence in Kurram Agency. Local residents said that men of the Shia sect carried out the attack. 
July 28: Three SFs were killed and 10 others injured when militants attacked a convoy in the Pash Ziarat area of South Waziristan Agency in FATA.

July 26: 24 dead bodies, believed to be that of militants, were recovered in Akakhel area of Khyber Agency in FATA.

14 TTP militants, including a ‘commander’, were killed when jet fighters bombed two vehicles of militants in Dogar area in Upper tehsil of Orakzai Agency. The slain militants included a TTP ‘commander’ identified as Amjad, the sources added.

Eight persons, including three Policemen and two children, were killed, while 23 others were injured when a suicide bomber blew himself up outside the house of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Information Minister Mian Iftikhar Hussain in the Khan Sher Garhi area of Peshawar.

Five members including three minors of a family were killed when rocket fired by the militants struck a house in Darra Adamkhel.

Four persons including two minors were shot dead and four others sustained injuries when unidentified militants ambushed a car in Charbagh tehsil of Swat District.

July 25: 24 TTP militants were killed and 18 others sustained injuries in air strikes by the PAF fighter jets in Tursamat and Jabbar villages of Orakzai Agency in FATA. The sources said the fighter jets heavily bombed the hideouts of militants and destroyed their arms depot in Mamozai area.

24 persons, majority of them local tribal militants, were killed and some others injured in three different missile attacks by the US drones in South Waziristan and North Waziristan Agencies. Taliban (TTP) sources said 14 militants were killed and two others were injured in the attack. The slain militants belonged to the Hakimullah Mehsud-led TTP.

July 24: At least 16 TTP militants were killed while scores others injured in US drone strikes in Angora Adda locality of South Waziristan Agency in the early morning.

At least 29 TTP militants, including two ‘commanders’ were killed and several others injured, during a military operation in Orakzai Agency. Gunship helicopters of the SFs pounded TTP hideouts in the Ghandki and Mullapati areas in Upper Orakzai, destroying four hideouts. Sources said that TTP ‘commanders’ Zahidullah and Suleman Mehsud were among the dead.

The chief of the pro-Government peace committee, Malik Sardar Ali, along with two colleagues, Karim Khan and Gul Muhammad Khan, were killed in an explosion caused by an IED in Sapary area of Mamond tehsil in Bajaur Agency.

July 22: At least 29 militants were killed and 17 others injured in two separate clashes and during shelling by gunship helicopters as SFs took control of the Ghiljo tehsil in Orakzai Agency of FATA.

Police killed three militants and arrested 262 alleged criminals including proclaimed offenders and 90 suspects during a search operation carried out in the Mardan District of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

July 21: SFs killed 40 militants and injured 30 others in a clash in Upper Orakzai Agency of FATA. Three SF personnel were also killed in the clash, while six officials were injured.

July 19: Military planes and helicopter gunships pounded suspected hideouts of the militants in the Orakzai and Central Kurram Agency, killing 42 militants and injuring 27 others.

Security officials thwarted a major terrorist attack in Mardan when they killed three suicide bombers and two of their aides close to Mardan Cantonment training grounds in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

July 18: At least 25 militants were killed and 23 another injured when the fighter jets and helicopter gunships of PAF bombed various parts of Upper Orakzai Agency in FATA.

Three persons were killed and more than 20 others were injured when a suicide bomber blew himself up outside an Imambargah in Sargodha town of Punjab in the evening. The target was Darululoom Muhammadia Imambargah, witnesses said.

July 16: At least 18 Shia persons were killed while four others sustained critical injuries as their vehicles were ambushed by unidentified militants in Char Khel locality of Kurram Agency in FATA.

10 persons, including three children, were killed and 14 others injured when a bomb planted inside a shop went off in a market in Tirah Valley of Khyber Agency. The commander of LI was among those killed in the explosion, the residents said, adding that six persons among those injured belonged to the same outfit.

July 15: At least 15 TTP militants were killed and several others injured as helicopter gunships targeted militant compounds in the Ghundaki, Mashti Kandi, Chapri Alikhel and Dharra Dhar Mamzai areas of Upper Orakzai in FATA.

A US drone destroyed a compound used by the TTP militants in Sheerani Mada Khel village of North Waziristan, killing at least 10 militants at around 6:30 pm (PST). The drone fired at least two missiles into the compound which was a TTP and al Qaeda stronghold.

Five persons were killed and 60 others injured when a suicide bomber blew himself up near a busy bus stand in Mingora, the headquterer of Swat District, in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

July 14: 24 TTP militants were killed and 34 others injured when the fighter jets of PAF pounded militant hideouts in Kasha, Srigaray, Khorhi, Mamoonzai and Shakartangi areas of Orakzai Agency in FATA. Security sources said five TTP hideouts were destroyed in the attacks.

July 13: At least 100 TTP militants were killed and one soldier injured in a clash with SFs in Dabori area of Orakzai Agency in FATA.

July 11: At least 22 TTP militants were killed and 10 others injured when the fighter jets and helicopter gunships of PAF bombed various areas of Upper Orakzai Agency in FATA.

July 10: Three Pakistan Army troopers were killed as Taliban (TTP) attacked SFs in Makeen District of South Waziristan Agency in FATA, sparking clashes in which 25 Taliban (TTP) militants were killed, officials said.

The death toll in July 9 suicide bomb blasts at the political offices in Yakka Ghund tehsil of Mohmand Agency’s rose to 106, as many more of the wounded succumbed to injuries in hospitals, while 18 people are still missing, the political administration said.

July 9: At least 65 persons were killed, including women and children, and 110 injured, as two suicide bombers blew them off through political offices, just seconds apart from each other, in Yakka Ghund tehsil of Mohmand Agency in FATA.

At least 10 Taliban (TTP) militants were killed, including a key Taliban commander, whereas scores others sustained injuries, when SFs pounded militants’ hideouts located in Orakzai Agency of FATA in the morning.

July 7: Atleast 15 militants were killed and 10 others wounded when SFs pounded militant hideouts in different areas of Orakzai Agency in FATA.

July 5: At least 23 militants were killed while many others injured during clashes with SFs in Lower Dir of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. SFs launched attack on militants in Upper Medan and Kalpani areas after a suicide attack on a scouts' Security checkpost in the night of July 4.

At least 10 Taliban (TTP) militants were killed and four others injured when fighter jets of Pakistan Air Force bombed their hideouts in Orakzai Agency. Sources said that fighter planes bombed the hideouts of militants in the Jabba and Mamozai Sama areas of upper Orakzai Agency, killing 10 militants and injuring another four.

July 4: At least 12 Taliban (TTP) militants were killed when fighter jets pounded their hideouts in Orakzai Agency of FATA. The sources said that the fighter jets targeted Taliban hideouts in Mamozai, Khadezai, Molazai, Dabori and Alikhel areas of Upper Orakzai, killing 12 Taliban (TTP) militants and inuring another 10. Four terrorist hideouts were destroyed in the strikes as well.

Four workers were shot dead and another seven were injured when unidentified assailants opened fire in Surab tehsil of Kalat District, around 200 kilometres from Quetta, in Balochistan. Sources said that a private vehicle was carrying labourers, who were returning from a gas plant to their residential colony, when unidentified assailants opened fire at their vehicle in Surab bazaar area. The victims belonged to Ghotki District of the Sindh and Rahim Yar Khan District of Punjab.

July 3: At least 10 Taliban (TTP) militants were killed in clashes with SFs in Orakzai Agency of FATA. Security officials said that Taliban (TTP) militants first attacked on a check post situated at Dabori Sanpaka Kandao in Upper Orakzai. SFs retaliated and killed four Taliban (TTP) militants were killed.

Six Taliban (TTP) militants were killed in a clash between SFs and Taliban (TTP) militants at Sangra area in Lower Orakzai Agency.

Four soldiers were killed and seven others sustained injuries when an IED hit a vehicle of SFs in Gurguri area in Bara tehsil of Khyber Agency. The sources said two vehicles of SFs were on their way to the Frontier Corps' Fort Salop Camp from the Gurguri checkpoint when one vehicle struck the IED planted by the roadside. Khattak, Irshad Orakzai, Haqeed Ali and Etibaar Ali.

July 2: SFs killed 15 Taliban (TTP) militants during an operation in Akakhel area of Bara tehsil in Khyber Agency of FATA. Security sources said that five vehicles belonging to the militants were also destroyed. A cache of arms and ammunition was also recovered by the troops, the sources added.

Armed militants attacked a security post in Janay Khwar area of Matani, 20 kilometres away from Peshawar the capital city of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, killing three soldiers of the FC and injuring as many before abducting two security personnel and taking away ammunition on July 2.

July 1: At least 44 persons were killed and 175 others injured when three suicide attackers blew themselves up inside the shrine of Lahore's patron saint Syed Ali Hajwairi popularly known as Data Gunj Bakhsh, at about 11 pm (PST) in the night.

10 militants were killed and six others sustained injuries when two groups of militants traded heavy fire in Neka Ziarat area in the central parts of Kurram Agency in FATA. The sources said the clash between the militant groups led by Noor Jamal alias Mulla Toofan of Orakzai-based commander and Adnan Afridi of Darra Adamkhel erupted in the morning and still continuing.


Note: All info is shared here "in good faith" and after all thorough research possible. However, "FATA Awareness Initiative" Team may not be held responsible for any discrepancy in the info that may explicitly and/or implicitly damage anybody's interests. Corrections will, however, be made if any errors in the info are pointed out.

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