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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Pro Army rally in Islamabad raises eyebrows (The News, 12 May 2011)

Courtesy: Daily "The News", 12 May 2011
Pro-Army rally in capital raises many eyebrows
By Usman ManzoorISLAMABAD: Wednesday’s Musharraf-styled demonstration by government schoolchildren and employees of the Capital Development Authority (CDA) in support of the Pakistan Army, has raised many eyebrows and the question of who was behind this campaign. The rally paid tributes to the COAS and ISI.
Three days ago, an ad was published in almost all the leading national dailies, defending the institutions of national security but the quarter page colour ad, which cost millions, had basic mistakes like that when on September 11, 2001 about 3,000 people were killed in USA during the government of Democratic Party, neither the people of USA nor the Republican Party asked for the resignations of US president or CIA chief.
The correct position is this that there was the government of Republican Party in USA and not of Democratic Party at the time of the attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon on September 11, 2001 by some al-Qaeda activists.

The important thing in the Wednesday’s rally, which started from the Press Club, Islamabad, and ended at the D-Chowk, was that it started when PML-N chief Nawaz Sharif was about to announce his party’s version over the Abbottabad operation and it ended when Nawaz Sharif ended his press conference.
The participants of the rally were schoolchildren, who did not know for what purpose they were brought to the Press Club and CDA’s labourers, who ought not to refuse any call given by their leader Ch Yaseen, who was leading the rally.
When contacted, CDA’s Labour Leader Ch Yaseen said that no one had asked him to stage this rally and he arranged it on his own. He confirmed that the participants of the rally were schoolchildren and CDA’s employees. He added that the ‘civil society’ was also present in the rally.
“This is not the time to demoralise the Pakistan Army,” Yaseen held. He mentioned that it was the time to counter the propaganda being hurled by India and CIA. However, he could not tell this correspondent about the said propaganda.
He said that there was no distance between Pak Army and Pakistani nation. “The main aim of our rally was to boost the morale of the Army and to condemn the Abbottabad operation as it was against the sovereignty of Pakistan,” said Yaseen, adding: “We have full confidence in our intelligence agencies and Army.”
When asked who was to blame for the Abbottabad operation, Yaseen replied that Pak Army would brief parliament in an in-camera session. When asked how he would know about the briefing as it would be an in-camera session and nothing would be made public, he said it was true but ‘we must help our Army’. He said that 90 percent of the people in Pakistan say that there was no Osama in Abbottabad. When asked that Pakistan Army had confirmed the presence of OBL in Abbottabad, Yaseen could only smile.
He also mentioned that the nation was concerned over the intelligence failure but there were intelligence failures on 9/11 and in Mumbai as well. When asked that if terrorism attacks are the only intelligence failures, then Pakistan suffers a terrorism attack every second day, Yaseen had no answer. 

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