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FATA is "Federally Administered Tribal Area" of Pakistan; consisting of 7 Agencies and 6 F.Rs; with a 27000 Sq Km area and 4.5 m population.
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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Utmanzai Wazir Tribe of North Waziristan Agency - Tribes of FATA, Pakistan

Utmanzai Wazir is a big Pashtun tribe of FATA, Pakistan. It is a Clan of the Darwesh Khel Wazir Super-Tribe, however, for all administrative and tribal purposes, they are considered a separate tribe. Utmanzai Wazir tribe is based in North Waziristan Agency alongside the Dawar tribe. The center of Utmanzai Wazir population is the Mir Ali-Miranshah-Razmak-Shawal belt in North Waziristan.
The Utmanzai Wazirs are divided into three main clans i.e.
1) Ibrahim Khel
2) Wali Khel
3)  Mohmit Khel
The genealogy of Utmanzai Wazir tribe is as under:

Section / Sub-Section / Fraction
Wazir (Darwesh Khel)
Mohmit Khel
Bora Khel
v   Abdul Khel
ü       Datta Khel
Þ      Digan Khel
Þ      Bakhshai
ü       Sikandar Khel
Þ      Azar Mir Khel
Þ      Daulat Khel
Þ      Kalu Khel
Þ      Malak Khel
Þ      Panakzai
Þ      Reshmin Khel
Þ      Shahwali Khel
ü       Machi Khel
Þ      Hakim Khel
Þ      Jangi Khel
Þ      Sarmast Khel
ü       Marsi Khel
Þ      Kharmanz Khel
Þ      Khoja Khel
Þ      Latki Khel
Þ      Nazal Khel
ü       Tol Khel
Þ      Lali Khel
Þ      Tari Khel

v   Shadi Khel
ü       Balli Khel
Þ      Ghulam Khel
Þ      Kutab Khel
Þ      Mehr Khan Khel
Þ      Mira Khel
Þ      Nana Khel
Þ      Umar Khan Khel
Þ      Urmar
ü       Aziz Khel
Þ      Langar Khel
Þ      Madi Khel
Þ      Nazar Khel
Þ      Tor Khel
ü       Isab Khel
ü       Jalal Khel
ü       Mod Khel
ü       Shekhwadi
Wuzi Khel
v   Dirduni
ü       Badi Khel
Þ      Bar Khani
Þ      Sarmast Khel
ü       Dabarzai
ü       Haibat Khel
ü       Ikhtiyar Khel
ü       Muhammad Khel
Þ      Jamal Khel
ü       Sarmast Khel
Þ      Motib Khel
Þ      Shabar Khel
v   Musakki
ü       Bosi Khel
ü       Dre Nami
ü       Lolia Khel
ü       Shakhar Khel
ü       Tar Khel
v   Dosalli
ü       Ghalap Khel
ü       Lochi Khel
ü       Khadar Khel or Mirman Khel
ü       Walak Khel
Þ      Isa Khel
v   Asat Khel
ü       Razoni
ü       Dre Plari
ü       Mir Khan Khel
Þ      Aramiya Khel
Þ      Mirza Khel
Þ      Nana Khel
Þ      Tola Khel
Þ      Wazar Khel
v   Dre Khel
v   Mandi Khel
ü       Bakshi Khel
ü       Darak Khel
ü       Gogai
Khaddar Khel
v   Ali Khel
ü       Umar Khel
Þ      Afza Khel
Þ      Bhangi Khel
Þ      Dehgan
Þ      Dinar
Þ      Kutti Khel
ü       Idar Khel
Þ      Abdul Rahman Khel
Þ      Kaka Khel
Þ      Khalil Khel
Þ      Lawal Khel
Þ      Nana Khel
Þ      Rangi Khel
v   Mad Khozhai
ü       Mira Khel
Þ      Awar Khel
Þ      Laiq Khel
Þ      Sarki Khel
ü       Zira Khel
ü       Mandi Khel
Þ      Afzal Khel
Þ      Khare Khel
Þ      Miandak Khel
v   Bar Khozhai
ü       Baddar Khel
ü       Karram Khel
ü       Mian Khel
ü       Rajak Khel
v   Baba Khel
v   Datta Khel (actually a section of Bora Khel but living with Khaddar Khels)
v   Sulemani (actually a section of Wuzi Khel but living with Khaddar Khels)
v   Dosalli (actually a section of Wuzi Khel but living with Khaddar Khels)
Hassan Khel
v   Balal Khel
ü       Drenami
Þ      Chalak Khel
Þ      Pahar Khel
Þ      Sher Khel
ü       Nor Khel
ü       Shadi Khel
Þ      Darmal Khel
Þ      Shamal Khel
v   Muhammad Khel
ü       Dre Plari
ü       Mehtar Khel
Þ      Darwesh Khel
Þ      Khiddar Khel
ü       Fateh Khel
Þ      Sher Khel
Wali Khel
Bakka Khel
v   Takhti Khel
ü       Usman Khel
Þ      Morib Khel
Þ      Janai Khel
Þ      Khalif Khel
ü       Khan Khel
Þ      Titar Khel
Þ      Gurbaz
Þ      Jalal Khel
Þ      Ladi Khel
Þ      Saidgai
v   Narmi Khel
ü       Musa Khel
ü       Saini Khel
ü       Shekh Ali
ü       Shui Khel
v   Sardi Khel
ü       Akali
ü       Barmi Khel
ü       Mangat Khel
ü       Wala Khel
ü       Shiekhbuddin
Þ      Ashraf Khan
Jani Khel
v   Idia Khel
ü       Ali Khel
ü       Khwaja Dere Khel
ü       Warukai
Þ      Khunda Khel
ü       Shamsher Khel
ü       Mir Ali Khel
Þ      Bakhi Khel
Þ      Kutti Khel
Þ      Rakhi Khel
v   Tor Khel
ü       Hindi Khel
Þ      Kutar Khel
Þ      Tabbi Khel
ü       Mohmit Khan Khel
ü       Bachagai
Þ      Aram Khel
Þ      Kalli Khel
Þ      Nasri Khel
Þ      Toia Khel
v   Malik Shahi
ü       Mamu Khel
ü       Matkai
Þ      Dani Khel
ü       Mina Khel
ü       Miyan Khel
ü       Umar Khan Khel
ü       Jamal Khel
Þ      Karim Khel
Malik Shahi
(Live in the Siah Koh and Kurram regions)
v   Jamal Khel
ü       Pira Khel
Þ      Hakim Khel
Þ      Maror Khel
Þ      Shah Muhammad Khel
Þ      Shekh Umrai
Þ      Toji Khel
ü       Karim Khel
Þ      Ghal
Þ      Luqman Khel
Þ      Miran Khel
v   Matkai
ü       Dani Khel
Þ      Moghal Khel
Þ      Shaib Khel
Þ      Toghla Khel
ü       Khan Khel
Kabul Khel
v   Saifali
ü       Badda Khel
ü       Isa Khel
ü       Sher Ahmad Khel
v   Miamai
ü       Khwaja Khel
Þ      Kharmanj Khel
ü       Madda Khel
Þ      Darri Khel
Þ      Karmanji Khel
Þ      Khwas Khel
Þ      Parate Khel
Þ      Reshmin Khel
Þ      Tatta Khel
v   Paipali
ü       Khandar Khel
ü       Kaji Khel
ü       Nandar Khel
ü       Pashmin Khel
ü       Sharbat Khel
Ibrahim Khel
Tori Khel
v   Khushalai
ü       Alikhanai
ü       Mir Khan Khel
ü       Shakha Khel
v   Shugai
ü       Ali Khel
Þ      Dinar
Þ      Dre Dariz
Þ      Mira Khel
ü       Pila Khel
ü       Abdi Khel
ü       Khoja Khel
ü       Shomi Khel
ü       Mekbal or Nikbal (unknown origin)
v   Dre Plari
ü       Bobalai
ü       Datta Khel
ü       Mir Alai
ü       Shah Mirai
v   Haibattai
ü       Maddi Khel
ü       Rasul Khel
ü       Zarinai
Þ      Zakar Khel
Madda Khel
v   Bozi Khel
ü       Ismail Khel
Þ      Ashrab Khel
Þ      Dawar Khel
Þ      Kaim Khel
Þ      Pir Muhammad Khel
ü       Khoji Khel
Þ      Gori Khel
Þ      Jalal Khel
v   Sarki Khel
ü       Dre Plari
Þ      Mati Khel
Þ      Saadat Khel
ü       Ali Khan Khel
Þ      Khazzar Khel (includes Wadin Khel, Tor Khel etc)
Þ      Khwaja Ahmad Khel
Þ      Nazar Khel (includes Wodam Khel etc)
Þ      Janbeg Khel
Þ      Niamat Khel
Þ      Tirsam Khel
ü       Star Ali Khan Khel
Þ      Nazar Khel
Þ      Khazzar Khel
v   Bakhshi Khel
ü       Jabar Khel
ü       Mirsan Khel
ü       Sabo Khel
ü       Tawas Khel
ü       Manaka Khel
Þ      Painda Khel
Þ      Kuki or Rahmak Khel
v   Macha
ü       Mir Hasani
Þ      Dod Khel
Þ      Ghani Khel
Þ      Pira Khel
Þ      Sher Muhammad Khel
Þ      Tila Khel
Þ      Tozia Khel
ü       Shakhalai
ü       Musakki
Þ      Barmi Khel
Þ      Nasar Khel
Manzar Khel
v   Daulatan Khel
v   Sikandar Khel
ü       Musam Khel
ü       Shadi Khel
v   Ali Khel
ü       Baram Khel
ü       Askandi Khel
ü       Bijal Khel
ü       Kalandar Khel
ü       Khoa Khel
Minor Tribes living with Utmanzai Wazirs

Gurbaz were originally a clan of Wazir origin who have since lost all connection with the parent tribe. Some, however, still reside in Shawal, the Tochi near Saidgai, on the Khost border near Miranshah, at Spin
Nimal Khel in Mahsud area, and at Mirian in Bannu.

A clan of Syeds who inhabit Zowe, Shawal, the Tochi, Dawarghar, Kanibogh and the Dande plain, north of Miranshah.


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