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FATA is "Federally Administered Tribal Area" of Pakistan; consisting of 7 Agencies and 6 F.Rs; with a 27000 Sq Km area and 4.5 m population.
MYTH: FATA is the HUB of militancy, terrorism and unrest in Afghanistan.
REALITY: FATA is the worst "VICTIM of Militancy”. Thousands of Civilians dead & injured; Hundreds of Schools destroyed; Thousands of homes raised to ground; 40% population displaced from homes.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

"A Political Party" of Karachi - Both Edges of Pakistani Media's "Double Edged Sword" favour WHOM?

Karachi search operation: 36 suspects apprehended in Pak Colony - 09 Oct 2011

Sounds funny how our FREE media uses the term "Political Party" as a Double-Edged Sword.
One Edge of the Sword: If the deceased belong to MQM, they are loudly called "MQM Activists or Sympathizers" (BTW: What on earth is a Sympathizer?). However, if the deceased are ANP or PPP or MQM-H or or JSQM or ST activists, they are dubbed workers of "a Political Party" without naming the parties.
The other Edge of the Sword: If target killers with alleged MQM affiliation are arrested, they are termed activists of "a Political Party" without naming MQM. However, if target killers with Pashtun, Baloch or Sindhi origin are arrested, they are loudly referred to with their Ethnicity or Party names.
So both Edges of this strange MEDIA SWORD seem to suit the one and only "Guess Yourself Party".
Well Done "Edgware and Nine-Zero".

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