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MYTH: FATA is the HUB of militancy, terrorism and unrest in Afghanistan.
REALITY: FATA is the worst "VICTIM of Militancy”. Thousands of Civilians dead & injured; Hundreds of Schools destroyed; Thousands of homes raised to ground; 40% population displaced from homes.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

How to Complain against the BBC Documentary "Secret Pakistan" on BBC Website (Complaints Section)

How to Complain against the BBC Documentary "Secret Pakistan" on BBC Website (Complaints Section)
If you feel that BBC documentary "Secret Pakistan" is a biased slanderous propaganda to defame Pakistan and its institutions, please write a complaint on the BBC website. BBC also showed documentaries on WMDs in Iraq & helped build a case to invade Iraq. WMDs that to date have never been found. The defence of a nation is the responsibility of all it's citizens and we request you all to file a complaint against this video. Also pass this message to all your friends so they can also file a complaint

BBC Documentary - "Secret Pakistan"

BBC Online Complaints System

When you click the complaints link and go to BBC website, you will have to fill out a short form with 8-10 questions.... Following are the questions and their answers.... Just go to the website and COPY-PASTE the answers... (You can add anything you want, to the details)...

Type of complaint:
Choose channel:
Programme title:
Secret Pakistan
Featured in the programme:
Transmission date:
Broadcast type:
Recorded/On demand
How long in to the show:
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Complaint category:
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Complaint title:
Pakistan's portrayel was Biased. Anonymous Sources
Complaint description:
The Documentary quoted mostly anonymous sources (including supposed Taliban operatives) to prove that Pakistan is "Double-Crossing" the West. No mention was made of Pakistan's sacrifices in this war that was not "its own". That Pakistan has lost 35000 citizens in this war since 2001 (including 5000+ soldiers). That the war has claimed such high-profile people like Chairperson of the ruling Party (ex Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto), Several Army Generals (e.g. General Mushtaq, Surgeon General of Army and General Bilal, Chief of Armoured Corps) and several Brigadiers and Colonels, senior Police Officers and Tribal elders. Couple it with the financial loss of nearly 60 Billion Dollars. The documentary squarely failed to highlight these sacrifices. It was more a biased "Propaganda Video" than a "Documentary worth carrying BBC's name". It has severely dented the image and credibility of BBC.


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